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Hi there!

It's been three weeks since I've had a chance to come up for air and I'm so glad I'm finally able to update you with our new house and how school's been going.

So, last time I checked in, I was just about to start my first class of the Accel Nursing BSN program. Well, that class has come and gone! We covered 36 chapters in 14 days, including 500+ PowerPoint slides, 4 quizzes, and 4 exams. In the hours leading up to our final on Friday, I was nervous and knew what grade I needed to get to get an A- in the class (my goal). Turns out, I totally blew my expectations out of the water and ROCKED the exam!

Here's what my first week of school looked like:

And my second week:

And just last week:

So, yes, basically I sit in front of my computer chugging away at my homework, writing papers, discussing topics with classmates, and going over PowerPoints.

But the house, oh, the house!

So we moved in on a Sunday less than 12 hours before school started and literally unpacked all evening, every evening for what seemed like weeks and weeks. In full disclosure, we still haven't unpacked in our guest room/office/craft room.

The Wednesday after moving, we finally closed on the house so it's officially, 100% ALL OURS!

But the night before we closed, the rods in our closets came tumbling down which left Trevor to break out the power tools at 9:30pm.

After painting our bedroom, I switched to a much quicker project of painting an unfinished piece of wood in our guest bathroom. It only took two coats with four hours of dry time between, but it really pulls the whole room together!

And we've made sure to make time for each other and take a few walks around our new neighborhood to scope it out. We found this gorgeous tree less than a block away!

So, what have I missed around here?! Update me! Link me to your favorite posts! Tell me everything!

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