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I'm totally a goal oriented person. I like to get stuff done and check it off lists.
I may even be guilty of writing something on a list that I did already just to check it off.
But that's not the case here!

You've seen those 30 Before 30 or 24 Before 24 things around, right? This is my own version of that. I want to keep a list of my goals, but I don't want to be obligated to have a certain number or to accomplish them by a certain birthday. 
Life gets crazy sometimes. 
Things happen that can't be planned.
I want to be able to reference my list whether I'm 25 or 50.

Pay off my student loans
Pay off Trevor's student loans
Pass the TEAS V
Apply to nursing school
Get accepted to nursing school (here)
Have a 'Handmade Christmas'
Buy a house
Turn our house into a home
Be "medically healthy" enough to be able to get pregnant
Get pregnant & have a baby
Go back to Jamaica {at least a few more times!}
Visit the East Coast
Land a great nursing job
Buy a new car
Spend a whole week just reading books
Get my wisdom teeth pulled (here and here)
Stop trying to rush things & live for the moment
Visit the Mall of America
Take a trip to Hawaii
Take a trip to Barbados
Go to California
Visit New York City
Travel to Europe
Learn to drive stick shift
Run a 5K (here)


  1. Yea!!!! driving stick shift...Then you can inherit the car! Mom :)

  2. I have a list like this too! And I just created a blog directory for everyone who has one... I would love it if you would link up! :-)

  3. I totally recommend the east coast (NH lady here) and in 46 short days will live a stones throw away from the mall of America. All that to say you have an awesome list of goals. Good luck with them!


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