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Just thought you should know...

...that there are going to be a lot more "nursing school updates" in the future...


I was at the mall, leaving Ulta and heading to Target when my phone chimed to tell me I had an email. I was expecting more junk mail: maybe a advertisement for a sale or a coupon. When I opened the email and read that first line, I just about dropped my phone. I started crying and called Trevor and my mom right away.

So there I was, walking through the mall - alone - just running some errands, crying on the phone. I'm sure it was quite the sight!

It's been a few days, and my whole family knows. My coworkers know. My Facebook friends know. So it was also time to tell you!

The program is going to be a lot of hard work. It's a 12 month long program to earn my BSN. We complete about a credit a week and I already have a couple of classes I need to finish before orientation in September. It's going to be a crazy year but I am so grateful to have been one of the 30 chosen out of the 500 applicants. Oh, I am SO grateful!

Everything happens for a reason, and I am glad everything has brought me to this place. It's meant to be.

check this out!


  1. AHHHHH!!! I am soooo happy for you! Congrats. :)

  2. WAHHHHHOOOO! More to celebrate on Monday! Congrats again dear!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! This is so exciting! I'm so thrilled for you! YAY!

  4. So exciting, Sara! I just got all caught up on your blog and I look forward to meeting you Monday and celebrating this over sushi!

  5. I'm totally behind on this, but CONGRATS!!! That's such exciting news!!!


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