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Friday Letters

Dear Friday, thanks for finally showing up. What took you so long? Dear holiday weekend, please feel free to take your time once you get here - you could stand to take a note from Friday, please. Dear Trevor, I'm so happy you're loving your new job and we'll both be even happier when you get your first paycheck next Friday! Dear blogging, you've been pretty darn enjoyable this week so thanks for reminding me why I started this chapter of my life. Plus, the friends I've made along the way aren't half bad either. Dear work, that 8 day stretch of being off was amazing. Now, let's see if we can make that happen again a few more times this summer - but this time with less funeral leave, please. Dear Mom, I hope you're ready to take Chicago by storm. Ready or not, here we come! And also, on a more serious note, I'm so glad we're able to take these mother-daughter trips. I always come away from them with a deeper love and greater appreciation for you.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! What are you doing to celebrate?

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