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Beauty Finds {Part Four}

I can't keep these products to myself any longer so I figured another Beauty Finds post was in order.

It's no secret that I love The Gnarly Whale products so this first beauty find should come as no surprise to you. If you choose to buy nothing except The Gnarly Whale Lip Balm in Chocolate Strawberry you will still be livin' large! It glides on like buttah, it leaves your lips with a nice moisturized look, and it smells like heaven. Plus, you can't beat the fact that you're supporting a small business that's vegan and only tests their products on humans. Just sayin'...
Cost: $3.50 for one from The Gnarly Whale (or you could buy 3 for $9 or 5 for $12)
I mentioned one of my favorite concealers in my last Beauty Finds post, but here's another one I love just as much and use even more often! NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand is amazing. It comes in a handful of colors so you can find one that matches your skin tone nicely. Plus, they have color correcting shades as well - green, purple, and yellow. It covers well and I use it daily to hide my under eye circles. It doesn't get thick or noticeable throughout the day like so many other under eye concealers do. Pimples are no match for this guy, let me tell you!
Cost: $4.99 at Ulta, but it's rare to find it NOT on sale (usually BOGO 1/2 off).

Vaseline makes timeless products. My Grandma has used Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Body Lotion for years upon years. I can still remember getting baths at her house and then slathering on Vaseline lotion afterwards... and the smell of it still takes me back to that 20+ years ago. I love it! It's not greasy and it lasts for a long time. I love rubbing it on my legs after I've just shaved them - it keeps them smooth.
And, if you don't like the scent of the yellow bottle, try the brown bottle (Cocoa Butter) or the green bottle (Aloe Vera).
Cost: Depending on the size of the bottle it can be anywhere from $2 to $8. Check out Target, Walgreens, or any other drugstore for decent prices.
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  1. That concealer is seriously the best! I found it in February and am obsessed w/ the coverage and the price :)

  2. Yep, vaseline products are my favorite!

  3. I love that lotion, vaseline products are amazing.


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