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Beauty Finds {Part Two}

Following up to last week's Beauty Finds {Part One} are three more beauty products that I can't get enough of!

First, I can't post another Beauty Finds post without mentioning Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque! It's similar to other masques out there in that it treats your skin while you have it on... but the best part about this specific masque is that it shrinks your large pores and helps dry up blemishes you already have. I have a 3oz. jar and have used it a few times every month. I bought my current jar seven months ago and it's only halfway gone. Not only is it effective, it's cheap, and it lasts forever! Buy this stuff ASAP!
Cost: $3.79 at Walgreens or buy here from Amazon

My wonderful mother in law bought me Coach Poppy perfume for my birthday last month and I can't remember the last time I loved a scent so much! It's fresh and light but stays around for hours and hours. It kind of reminds me of a not-so-musty version of Victoria's Secret Very Sexy. It's seriously my fav!
Cost: Ranges from $22 for a rollerball {Ulta} to $85 for 3.4 oz {Sephora}

Sometimes, I buy beauty products when I don't "need" them but I find a great price on a great shade or product. That's how I found CoverGirl's EyeEnhancers Eye Shadow in Bedazzled Biscotti. Not only does it go on well, it has a unique hint of shimmer to it. The entire powder isn't shimmery, but there are bits of shine added in. It's the perfect light color for a neutral daytime look and I often wear it over my Clinique palate of colors.
Cost: $5.14 for two from Amazon or $2.99 from the P&G eStore
I've already got some ideas for Beauty Finds {Part Three} so stay tuned - there's more on the way!
And if you're looking for more of my favorite products, be sure to check out these posts!

What are your favorite beauty product finds?

check this out!


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  2. I love that Coach perfume! :)


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