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Travel Friendly Work Wear

A few years ago, I spent a summer traveling for work. It was a job where I trained pharmacy and hospital staff in a new drug administration technology that I was very familiar with before the summer even started. {Nurses out there: does Pyxis ring a bell? ;)} I traveled for the entire summer and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to basically set my own hours, go out for lunch every day, and got paid for my travel time - not a bad set-up!

I love easy packing - especially for work trips, and especially if you're flying and only taking a carry on. I put together a week's worth of business casual outfits using the same shoes, blazer, and trouser pants. Now that the weather's getting nicer, you could throw in a pencil skirt and mix it up a little!

Travel Friendly Business Casual
Travel Friendly Business Casual by youandmearewe featuring colorful blazers

Do you now or have you ever traveled for work?

check this out!


  1. I've never had to travel for work but that would have been fun. I love all these outfit choices.:)

  2. I LOVE all of these tops! I've only had a short trip to Highpoint Market for work but this is great to keep in mind for the future!

    XO Samantha

  3. SUCH a great idea!! I spent 3 weeks last summer living out of a suitcase for work training. Thankfully I was only in 1 spot so I didn't have to travel *too* much, but this idea is so smart and I need to remember it!!

  4. Actually my job nature is not like that soI never had a work trip but I can ear these smart workwear here lol.


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