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Saturday Inspiration

I am enjoying my weekend with Trevor - finally spending some time doing normal weekend things like cleaning, grocery shopping, and working out.

My week was incredibly busy... I picked up extra hours at work and had an exam in each of my classes which meant every minute I wasn't working or sleeping, I had my nose in a textbook or my notes. Thankfully, I have a little reprieve next week before things get super crazy the week of the 11th. If March goes as quickly as last month did, we'll be hearing birds chirp and I'll be running outside in no time!

As for today's inspiration? I am giving myself reasons why I can instead of why I can't. This week has shown that I need a bit of positivity in my life to chase away my blues and the above quote is just the beginning of that positive change.

Happy March and happy weekend!

What are you doing this weekend?

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