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Who Is That Girl?

It's been awhile since I've written a fun post like this and seeing as how there are a few new faces around here {to you, I say, WELCOME!}, I thought you might enjoy getting to know the girl behind the blog a little, too.

- I am the oldest child in my family, and the only girl. I have a brother who is five and a half years younger than I am. I've always wanted a sister! I do have two sister in-laws, but am not nearly as close as I wish we were.

- I cannot stand Jennifer Hudson. She's a good singer but all of her stuff sounds the same and she's way too dramatic. You won't often hear me mention people I dislike, but she's an exception.

- My dream European vacation would be to spend weeks upon weeks in Greece, Italy, and France. I've been to France once, and greatly under appreciated the trip - I'd love to go back someday!

- My decorating style around our house is casual-traditional. I love me a gorgeous, clean-lined, comfortable living room.

- I am allergic to just about everything - including tattoos, printing inks, piercings, and cockroaches. I'm pretty sure I have a never-ending watery nose, my contacts rarely feel comfortable when I am wearing them because my allergies often manifest in my eyelids, and my daily dose of Claritin often times hardly touches the itch.

- I am always looking forward - to the next big event in my life, the next week, the next season. I'm trying hard to learn how to live in the moment but it's so tough!

- You can often find me in skirts and sundresses if the weather is warm enough. I LOVE pretty dresses and skirts!

- Broadway shows are one of my weaknesses.

- If I could change one thing about my physical appearance, it would be my hair. It's always so flat and hard to style!

- Nursing is one of the last careers I ever thought I'd be doing when I was young. I couldn't stand the thought of blood, vomit, or needles. Slowly, it has developed into a love and a passion.

- On a similar note, I never thought I'd be married so young and I never thought I'd marry someone like Trevor. He is my complete opposite in almost every single way, yet here we are, so in love, married, and happy together.

- If I wasn't married, I'd be living in a big city {Chicago!} and enjoying single life. In high school, I never felt like I needed a boyfriend to make me feel whole and I often times liked being unattached. I think that if Trevor and I wouldn't have worked out, I'd be embracing life as a single lady.

- Yet, on the flip side, I am so happy to be married and thankful that I have a great husband who will make an even better father to his kids.

- I'm a pearls kind of girl. Diamonds, eh. Rhinestones, nah. But pearls and lace? YOU BETCHA!

- I am a thrifty, thrifty lady. I watch every single penny of our money and don't indulge often. Trevor and I have student loan debt, but we flat-out own both of our cars, his two motorcycles, and we don't have any credit cards. I'm proud of that fact!

So, are we alike? Different? Do we share the same likes and passions?
Tell me more about YOU!

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  1. Oh wow I can't believe you are allergic to so much. :( I'm a crazy thrifty person I will never ever pay full price for something, it's just not in my nature. :)

  2. Broadway shows are also my weakness - and I'd love to live in Chicago!

  3. I also married young, at 22 (which I don't think is horribly young, but some people do). I think everyone's life is different, and you have to take your chance for happiness when it comes to you. :) We didn't see the point in dating for three years just because other people might.

  4. Pretty dresses and skirts FTW!! LOVE wearing dresses!!!! And Broadway shows?! Girl, how did I not know about this before?? We are such twins! I love pearls, too, but I do love some Diamonds...but a mixture of both is good :)

    Loved learning all these about you!


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