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Project: Do You #3

Please note that this is a link up that focuses on individual self discovery goals. The goals you see below were set by me and for me only. If you choose to link up with us, please create your own goals to work toward and to update us on. If you are unfamiliar with Project: Do You, check out this post that introduces it before proceeding.

#1 - Read one book per month. I finished my financial book by Suze Orman this week so I'm right on track. I already have Safe Haven {March's book} on my nightstand ready to go! I'm hoping to soon find my book for April but I don't even know what kind of book I am looking for. Any suggestions in the comments below would be much appreciated!

#2 - Work out on a regular basis. Again, I'm right on track with this one. Last Sunday I worked out with a great friend who will also be running in The Color Run with me in August and we got pedicures afterwards to celebrate our February birthdays. The idea of a pedi after our workout made it hard to focus on the gym but I made sure to mix it up by alternating each mile (or 10 minutes) on the elliptical with a circuit of weights and strength training.

#9 - Travel more. We have some fun plans brewing for this summer. We won't be traveling too far from Wisconsin, but a trip is a trip! We'll be popping up all over the Badger State, in Chicago, and also Indiana. I love traveling!

#10 - Learn to say no more often. I was put in a tough spot at work yesterday where I had no chance to say no to something I desperately didn't want to do. However, even in the crappy situation, I made my intentions clear and didn't allow myself to be walked all over by my coworkers. A discussion at the end of my shift with our House Supervisor confirmed that I made the right decision and was in the right to stand by that decision for today's schedule as well. Cross your fingers that I'm not working in a department I dislike being sent to and that I'm able to be on my own unit with my own patients.

#15 - See a Broadway show. My birthday gift from my parents is/was a trip to Chicago this summer. I am IN LOVE with the city - I try to go at least once a year (preferably when the weather's nice because it's a great city to walk around in!) - and enjoy all the city has to offer. From Oak Street Beach to the Loop, to the shopping, and the people... I love it all. Part of my gift is tickets to The Book of Mormon at the Bank of America Theater and I can't wait! I've heard great things about the show so it will be a treat. This will be crossed off the list in a matter of months!

#16 - Get hearing tested again/look into surgery. I have always had hearing problems. It's a long story but it results in my eardrums disintegrating and basically dissolving over time. The last time I was checked, each ear drum was about half left. This means I have in both ears what normal people have in only one and my hearing is severely impacted. (Fun fact: Because of my hearing loss, I have to watch movies with the captions on - TV not as much because I usually just turn it up, but movies are a caption must-have!) I was supposed to have both ears surgically fixed in high school but lost insurance coverage before I had a chance to act on it. Plus, I may be a baby when it comes to surgery. Maybe. Either way, doctors have always instructed me to get my hearing tested every 6 months... but my new insurance only covers once every three years. It has now been three years since my last test and I can finally call to get a test scheduled!

The weekly questions don't pertain to my past week much. I've been stuck in a never ending cycle of school, homework, and getting called into covering shifts at work. I'm just trying to make it till tomorrow (and the tomorrow after that, and after that)... so I can't say what made me happy or blue. I'm simply just "floating" along.

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  1. These are so great! I think you're doing an awesome job and keeping up with the project :)


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