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I recently revamped my sponsorship options and lowered the prices so that there's a category of ad space for every blogger and every budget!

Please note that I am continuing to do swaps, but am reserving the right to decline your ad if I don't feel that your blog meshes well with mine. I also will decline your ads if I feel you are abusing and/or overusing my swap option. I love {and encourage} repeat swappers but I sometimes have to draw the line to be fair to others!

You'll see that I offer a swap ad {free with promo code} and ad spaces ranging in price from $5 to $15 and in width from 125 pixels to 600 pixels. There's something for everyone!

Sponsorships and ads on this blog are not taken lightly. I spend hours working to promote your space and to get results for you. I honestly feel that my past sponsors say it best - they have loved working with me, found that sponsoring You.And.Me.Are.We encouraged new traffic to their blogs, and was an overall great decision for blog growth.

Read more details about what some of my past sponsors have said and check out specific ad space details on my sponsor page.

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  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know that I really like your blog layout, but I'm using firefox on a windows computer and the F T P [MAIL] icons on the right cover up the words when I'm trying to read your lovely post!

  2. I would love to swap with you!
    ( I found you through Samantha :) )


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