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Project: Do You #6

Please note that this is a link up that focuses on individual self discovery goals. The goals you see below were set by me and for me only. If you choose to link up with us, please create your own goals to work toward and to update us on. If you are unfamiliar with Project: Do You, check out this post that introduces it before proceeding.

#2 - Work out on a regular basis. Check. Again. Still.

#16 Get hearing tested again/look into surgery. I had a hearing test and met with my ENT surgeon on Thursday. Things haven't gotten better but they also haven't gotten worse.  I consider that a win! We decided we'd start the chain of surgeries with my left ear, but Trevor and I decided we could hold off on the actual surgery for a little while longer (until we're more financially stable, and I can afford to take weeks upon weeks off of work).


How do I feel today after my experiences this past week?
Overwhelmed and ready for a break! This week was Spring Break so I picked up as many hours as I could at work. I accomplished absolutely nothing for school, but I did manage to feel like I was living at the hospital. Yay? I am officially declaring this week a fail for the "learn to say no more often" goal!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What are you doing to celebrate?

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  1. You sure are a busy lady!! :) No plans for me today..just laundry and packing. :)


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