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Welcome to another week's recap! While you're here, don't forget to enter to win a Starbucks gift card and some ad space - there's still time left!

This week has been pretty darn good compared to so many of the past recaps. Wanna see why?

1) Holy amazeballs. Trevor got a job offer this week. I don't have too many details to share at this point, but we know that he'll be working just a short commute from where we live now {yay - we don't have to move!} and he's working for a company that likes to promote from within. He really likes the company and this job is the best out of all of the places he had applied to the past nine months. I am so relieved that he has a job and that we can finally be a two income household again for a little while until school {possibly} starts up for me again in October.

2)Trevor's birthday was last Sunday. I ended up having the day off of work and we had a great day! I baked him a chocolate cake {from scratch!} and frosted it with peanut butter chocolate frosting {also from scratch!} and gave him a few gifts. I love planning little things like that for him... it's how I show my love.

3) We signed up for YMCA memberships this week and I am so excited! I've already signed up for a SimplyFit class on Wednesdays and a Saturday morning Zumba class that starts in June. I'm thinking of signing up for a spin class, too, but am a little nervous. Do you recommend a spin class or am I digging my own grave by signing up?

4) On Monday I went out for sushi with two lovely local bloggers - Whit and Maya. I've actually known Maya since I was a little tot {remember this post?} and Monday was my first time meeting Whit. Maya now lives and works in Chicago - as of TODAY! - but Whit and I will definitely get together again soon and add a few more bloggers into the mix as well. Who can say no to sushi and blogging?!

5) Hi, I'm Sara and I am addicted to The Gnarly Whale's Chocolate Strawberry Lip Balm. Oh, it's divine!

How was your week?

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  1. Congrats to your husband on his new job! That's a wonderful thing.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for the new job!! And that cake you made looks delicious.
    You should try spin class, it's really not terrible! You control the resistance on your own bike, so you can go easier your first time.

  3. congrats on your husband finding a new job!! = )
    Have a great weekend
    stop by some time

  4. Stopping by from H54F! Great blog, and congrats to your husband on his new job! We are a one-income household now and I know that gets tough sometimes! I'd love to see the recipe for your frosting!

  5. Yay congrats to your husband!! :)

  6. Bloggers and sushi sounds amazing. Also, the chocolate cake that you made looks incredible!

    Congratulations to Trevor!


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