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Friday Letters

Dear Trevor, thanks for being so patient with me these past couple of days, for filling my ice packs with fresh ice, and for calling the doctors in the wee hours of the morning when you'd rather be sleeping. Oral surgery sucks, but you're helping to make it much better.

Dear crunchy foods, I miss you! As soon as my mouth is healed, you and I are going to start a serious love affair!

Dear school, I'm excited to find out who my classmates are and where they all live! Here's to hoping we get the email that tells us more very soon.

Dear honeymoon friends, next week we'll be reunited and it will feel so good :) We can't wait to drink bottles of wine, swim in Lake Michigan, and laugh until our bellies hurt with you two!

Dear daytime naps, you're pretty great, you know that?!

Dear wisdom teeth, thank the sweet little lord baby Jesus that you're out and that I don't have to recover from this surgery again. This unexplained bleeding is throwing me for a loop!

Dear Trev, you're like SuperHusband. You've worked 50 hours this week, have taken care of me, made yourself dinner, and you haven't complained one bit. I should buy you a SuperHusband cape or something...


  1. I hope you are feeling better and that you have a pain free weekend!

  2. Awe I hope you feel better dear. Trevor should have a cape and should wear it around your house. :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. My wisdom teeth started bothering me this week and I'm so unhappy about it...I'm such a baby about everything teeth...ugh I might in your shoes soon :(
    I love that yall made honeymoon friends! That's so fun!

    ps: hope your weekend was great! I'm catching up on some major blog's been a while, oops!


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