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Strawberry Picking

It's that time of year around here - strawberry season!

Trevor and I are lucky to live only a few minutes from a local farm that sells produce straight from the field. We're too poor to buy a CSA share, but we've been there every year to pick their strawberries and raspberries. This year was no different. Last week, I headed to the farm, hopped on the tractor, picked pounds of berries in the field, and headed home to enjoy the fruits of my labor {pun totally intended}.

If you're a long time reader, this all may sound familiar. If you're not, well then you really should read last year's post about my experience strawberry picking. Plus, you'll find the most delicious strawberry freezer jam recipe there!

Maybe it's in my blood, growing up on a farm, but I enjoy picking strawberries in June, raspberries in July, apples in September, and pumpkins in October. There's just something about it...

Have you ever been strawberry picking?


  1. I love strawberry picking & making freezer jam with them!!! Our picking trip was ruined by rain last week so we will be going this week!!

  2. YUM! Those look delicious.

  3. mmmm! I have never went strawberry picking! Sounds like so much fun!

  4. I love strawberry picking! It's so much fun.

  5. I'd love to find something like strawberry picking around here!! The girls would absolutely love it!

  6. those look awesome. i've never picked strawberries.

  7. Looks so fun and delicious! I'll have to look into this around us, thought I'm pretty unconfident that we have it...


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