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Wedding Wednesday #1

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our wedding day, a day that went by too quickly, full of love, hugs, smiles, and kisses.

Trevor and I are celebrating our two year anniversary later this month and I thought I'd bring some of that celebration to You.And.Me.Are.We... after all, this blog was started as a way to remember our newlywed days!

I'll be breaking down the details of our day for you in five different posts. They'll be posted every Wednesday this month with a bonus post on our anniversary - so hold on tight, there are lots of pictures comin' your way!

Before I get to the photos, you should know that our wedding was on the smaller side. We invited 106 people knowing a few of them wouldn't be able to make it. The central idea that Trevor and I made most of our wedding decisions off of was the fact that we wanted to be surrounded by our loved ones and people that left a mark on our relationship. It was important to us that our wedding day was full of love - inviting distant relatives and coworkers didn't fit with our vision, simple as that.

Today's all about the ceremony.

We were married at a small white chapel in the country. It also happens to be where my mom and step dad were married years before.

Trevor's childhood pastor officiated. It was important to us that the person who married us knew us as individuals and as a couple.

Instead of the traditional unity candle. we opted to plant a unity tree.
All of our parents brought soil from their homes {you can see the two cups of soil below - one is my parents' and one is Trevor's parents'}.

They were asked to come forward during the ceremony and sprinkle some soil into the pot our tree was planted in.

After soil from all parents was placed, Trevor and I took our turn to top off the soil and water the tree.

Before we knew it, we were pronounced husband and wife and were headed back down the aisle - as one.

Because the chapel we were married was built in 1875 and carefully restored for use for weddings, they have the original bell that can be rung by pulling a rope. You better believe I wasn't going to miss that opportunity!

Come back next week for a recap and LOTS of pictures from our reception!

Also coming in the weeks ahead: an entire post devoted to our attire, a post highlighting our decor, and a post discussing my regrets and other wedding dos/don'ts.

Please leave any wedding related questions in the comments below and I will happily reply to you via email. You don't have to limit your questions to be about our wedding - I love helping brides no matter the size, feel, or location of their weddings!

All photos courtesy of Laurie Marie Photography.


  1. I love the tree idea - I haven't seen that before. How cool.

  2. love the photos and the tree idea. it's wonderful.

  3. I love that shot of you pulling the bed. What a beautiful ceremony! Did you plant the tree in the ground afterwards? Or is still in the pot :)

  4. I have my notebook out! Can't wait for all of your posts and pictures (even if there are maaaaany) You both looked stunning!


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