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Have You Met Stephanie?

Have you met Stephanie?

She blogs over at Bourbon & Glitter and hosts a party link up every week. If that doesn't ring a bell, you're sure to have seen a photo or two or nineteen of her trusty sidekick, Hawkeye.

Hawkeye and Steph live in Chicago and were kind enough to send email after email recommending places to eat and shop when I was in their city last week. And you know what? I didn't even get recommendations from my own real-life friends like that! Steph rocks, hands down, and that's all there is to it.

If her suggestions weren't enough, she posted this pin-worthy post full of summer cocktails, each one looks better than the last. 
Peach sangria? Check.
Peach martini? Check.
Sorbet mimosa? Check.
And, I'll take one of each please and thank you.

Here's what she wants you to know about her -
I'm Steph and I blog over at Bourbon and Glitter! I wish I could give you a quick description to sum up everything you'd find on my blog, but I just can't. It's everything from making goals to making cocktail cupcakes recipes each month to making 1000 jello shots. In my blog, as in my life, I never take anything too seriously. I like to think that sometimes you'll learn things, find some recipes you like, get some ideas for bar crawls and costumes (two of my very favorite things) but mostly you'll just see a lot of photos of my fur baby, Hawkeye, and posts making fun of myself. Sure there's an occasional serious post and I can be overly theatrical, but I want you visiting my blog for the same reason I like to write it - pure fluffy entertainment with a hint of humor and sarcasm just to make you smile!

She's also a die hard Iowa fan {did you catch that when you learned her dog's name?!} and will defend her Alma Mater 'till the end. I like passionate people and Steph certainly is passionate, if nothing else. If I had to describe Steph in two words they would be fun & real. I mean, really, anyone who posts about cocktail cupcakes (by the way, you need this recipe for your Fourth of July celebrations next month, I promise!) and shares honestly about why sometimes she can be a mean girl {hello, loyalty!} is cool in my book. The blogging world has it's share of fake women who edit their lives for their readers but you won't find that with Steph. Heck, she shared one hell of a breakup with us earlier this year! When you visit Bourbon & Glitter, you get what you see and Steph never feels the need to apologize for it - and she shouldn't!

If you didn't know why she's awesome, you sure as heck do now! All that's left to do is to follow her on Bloglovin and Twitter so what are you waiting for?!

Another reason she's awesome? She's giving away an Amazon gift card to one of you lucky ducks!

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  1. Thank you Sara!! That's the nicest review I've ever gotten :)

    Whit, Peach Sangria cupcakes would probably be amazing, I'm on it!!

  2. Stephanie is amazeballs!

    hmmm.. what about a hard apple cider cupcake? (might be similar to the apple pie one)

  3. I'd pick something tropical like Pina Colada!

  4. i love maybe a mocha latte lol? thanks for the giveaway steph!

  5. Something mojito! I love mojitos in the summer. ;)

  6. Definitely a cosmo! I would say margarita but that has definitely been done :)

    XO Samantha

  7. I would love an Irish Car Bomb cupcake!


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