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5 Cost-Effective Updates for Redesigning a Living Space

Trevor and I are definitely looking forward to owning our own home! And of course, we want to put our own touch on everything but have to watch our pennies... so what's a homeowner to do? This post, by Tali Wee of Zillow definitely helps the budget conscious {read: US!} person decide on the updates to take care of first.
Professional interior redesigns are often costly for homeowners, which deters them from making upgrades. However, there are some simple improvements that homeowners can make – without breaking their budgets – to transform spaces.

Here are five easy and economical ways to renovate home interiors for a more homey feeling or to stage a house to attract potential home buyers.

1.     Choose a New Color Palette
Painting is a less obvious, yet extremely affordable, choice to upgrade a living space. Upgrading wall color can give interiors a whole new feel while covering general wear and tear. Most importantly, painting is an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Make sure to prepare surfaces by cleaning thoroughly and protecting areas that aren’t being painted with tarps and tape.

2.       Reconsider Lighting
Recessed lighting gives a home a modern and expensive look. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this option brightens up a room without being intrusive on the open living space. Recessed lights are fairly easy to install, but make sure to shut the power off before beginning any project that requires contact with electricity. Already have recessed lighting but a room is still feeling drab? Update lamps, shades and chandeliers for a new and refreshing d├ęcor.

3.       Update Fixtures
Dated door handles and light switch plates are easy and inexpensive to change. If classic is more the style of the room, head over to the nearest antique shop. Resale stores often have vintage fixtures from historic homes. If the space has more of a contemporary vibe, home improvement stores offer an array of modern, low-cost fixtures. Check out home interior images to get inspired by a plethora of options.

4.       Install Crown Molding
Molding instantly adds character to a room and isn’t as complicated to mount as it may seem. This adornment takes a room from ordinary to distinctive without the added expense. A tricky part to DIY molding, however, is cutting corners so the pieces match up correctly and look professional. An easy alternative is to use corner blocks, which are pieces of decorative wood that fill the corner and join two pieces of molding together without requiring exact corner angles to be cut into the molding; corner blocks save time and prevent unsightly misaligned molding.

5.       Accessorize
Sometimes just adding a few extra throw pillows or a new area rug can change the atmosphere of a room. These simple additions can alter the entire mood of a room, but are simple to replace as style preferences change. Decorating on a budget is especially easy with a sewing machine. Buy fabric and recover existing pillows or sew new window treatments to tie new flair into a living space. Garage sales are a great resource for uncovering unique pieces that add distinctive style to an otherwise bland room.

Not everyone can afford to splurge on a professional interior designer or renovate an entire home. However, stylish upgrades are feasible. With a little creativity and some home improvement tools, a drab space can appear like a custom, designer home. Whether looking to appeal to house hunters or simply in need of a change, use these five tips to conduct a cost-effective makeover.

What are your favorite cost effective updates you've done in your own home? I need all the help and ideas I can get! Link me to your posts, your Pinterest, your photos, and more!

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  1. Oh the DIY projects we have done...we basically re-finished our entire first house. We have a few things we want to do in this one but they will wait a while!! Good luck & let me know if you need any help with any home improvement stuff!! I'm so excited for you!!

  2. Teach me everything! Our to-do list is pages long, but we are so ready to jump right in and get messy. First up? The wallpaper in the kitchen, painting cabinets, and sprucing up our "blah" countertops! Come on over ;)


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