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Hello, hello!

Oh, life.

I have so much to tell you all yet so little that can be shared!

First things first, right?

School: holy moly, I have less than a month until I'm done with work which means it's less than a month until I'm officially on campus with 29 other lucky souls who are abandoning their lives for a year as well. We were assigned three classes to complete before September 20 - and I've only finished one so far... the other two aren't keeping my attention and it's hard to make yourself study when it's beautiful outside! So far, I've bought most of my books - there are only eight left to buy - and I've spent just under a thousand dollars which is pretty darn good, if I say so!

The house situation: Here's where I'm torn.. nothing's for sure yet, but it's such a big thing and I'd like to share some of it with you! Trevor and I put an offer on a home about three weeks ago and after some back and forth, our offer was accepted. As expected, we were thrilled and over the moon about buying our first home. Then, because of a weather delay, we had the home inspection about a week ago which revealed A LOT more "wrong" with the house than previously thought. And of course, it was hard enough to get the seller to agree on a price after our initial offer, so we've been worried sick about what's going to come of this. After a lot of discussion, Trevor and I decided we'd still like to buy the house if four specific things were fixed by the seller. We submitted that amendment yesterday afternoon and now we're playing the waiting game - again. Here's to hoping that the seller agrees to fix the things we asked and that we can still meet our closing date of September 12th. If all goes well, we'll be homeowners in three weeks!

Free time: There hasn't been much of this lately. I've been working extra hours and doing homework or packing up our house when I'm able. Some may say I'm packing too soon, but Trevor and I had to give our 60 day notice to vacate our current rental so whether we move to the house or into an apartment is yet to be decided... but we know we have to move!

Fun stuff: Whitney and I are spending this weekend in Chicago! I'm pretty darn excited to be in my favorite place in the world with a good friend - and for the photoshoots Whit's bound to have. She's got talent, let me tell you! The fact that we're staying at The James doesn't hurt much either. Plus, I may come back 10 pounds heavier, but at least I'll be stuffed with delicious food!

I'm sorry it's been so quiet around here lately! I'm working on a handful more posts for you - now that the news about the house has been shared, more of my posts can go from 'draft' to published!

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  1. Looks like you're staying busy! I love the house update, it's got to be scary but good luck! I'm sure if they're wanting to sell it bad enough they'll fix or lower their price. The book pile is overwhelming, I'd give up and would refuse to learn at that point. That pile has to be almost as tall as me! (I'm 5'2")

  2. I'm having a hard time deciding which outfits to bring. We'll have outfit posts for months! ;)

  3. Have an amazing weekend with Whitney! :)

  4. I'm sending you all kinds of good vibes that the seller will agree to those amendments!

  5. Thank you - it's greatly appreciated! Happy weekend :)

  6. Oh, we will definitely try! I'm sure you'll be seeing some pictures pop up on Twitter in just a few hours! Hope your weekend is great, too :)

  7. Oh my goodness, the book pile is huge and just keeps on growing! I'm only a little taller than you, and it comes up above my knees but below my waist... pretty darn heavy, too!


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