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for better or for worse

Yesterday, I woke up sick. Trevor had already left for school for the day and I was supposed to be getting ready for a full day at school as well.

I attempted to get ready but couldn't brush off the icky feeling... and then before I knew it, I was stuck in the bathroom for far too long. After almost passing out, I managed to get myself back into bed where I remained for most of the morning.

I called Trev to let him know that I wasn't feeling well and that I was a little bit worried that I was on the verge of losing consciousness.  

And you know what? He came home. Two and a half weeks away from graduation, working on final projects, busy as ever, he came home to rub my back and get me medicine and cuddle me until I fell asleep.

This is the first time one of us was so sick since we got married. Actually, I think it's the sickest I've been since the beginning of our relationship in 2005. And it is such an amazing feeling to know that I married a man who isn't phased by a really sick wife. I know that he'll make an amazing dad someday and will soothe his sick children to sleep. I'm sure of it when I say that my husband is the most perfect man for me.

You know what I realized through all of it? I take my husband for granted. The funny thing is, he and I make sure to shower each other with kind words and lots of love. So how did such a thing get past me? I think it happened because of quite a few different reasons but you better believe after yesterday's events I am making a point never to let it happen again.

A lot of us get caught up in daily life and forget to appreciate our spouses and significant others... so take a few moments today during your morning coffee, lunch break, or commute home to reflect on a time that they were incredibly strong and blew your expectations out of the water. Then, TELL THEM {!!!} how you felt and just how much you love them.

Don't let another day go by without expressing your gratitude to your loved ones!


  1. that's really sweet of him. I'm such a horribly cranky sick person that usually the sweetest thing the mister can do for me is to rub my back for a few minutes, throw some warm sprite my way, and then leave me entirely alone until I'm better.

  2. So Sweet!!!! He will make a great daddy one day! Seeing him be a amazing daddy, that's what will really take your breath away :)
    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Such a sweet man!!!! :) You got yourself a keeper there.

  4. Hi - what a lovely post. It's so important to be grateful for a wonderful caring partner. I know - I nearly lost my husband years ago. Thankfully, he has recovered and we are still togther.

    We shouldn't need an event to show us how lucky and blessed we are...but I really do know how lucky I am.

    Continued success and happiness to you...


  5. Hope you are much better now! I agree, we tend to take the people closest for granted!


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