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High Five For Friday

Hey there and happy Friday!

 We made the yummiest caramel apples last weekend. I had never attempted to make them on my own but they're not too bad to make and they're even better to eat!

Trevor and I are attempting a Handmade Christmas {more on that in another post} so I busted out the sewing machine and got a good start on a few gifts. I'm feeling much more calm about it now than I was a week ago... I thought I was going to have to make 30 gifts the week before Christmas but now I have 6 done and a good idea on what to do for the rest of them. Yay for productivity!

Trevor and I carved pumpkins this week. Mine turned out pretty weird looking but I think Trevor's is super cute!

We voted today. And now that I've done my part, that means that I have absolutely zero tolerance for political ads on TV, the radio, and along the highways. Tuesday can't come soon enough! Living in Wisconsin has it's perks. Being a battleground state that just come out of a nasty recall election and has been pummeled with political ads for the past year and a half, I am SO GOSH DARN READY for these freaking ads to be off the airways. We don't even have ads for simple stuff like mac and cheese and tires anymore. Every commercial break is filled with presidential, senate, and local representatives bashing each other. I'm so sick of it!

And lastly, I managed to scoop up the last two six packs of this amazing brew. Trevor loves this stuff and was bummed when the local grocery stores ran out of it early this year {it's a seasonal brew that's very popular and gets grabbed up as fast as they can put it out on the shelves usually}. I came across some on a whim and have one hidden in a closet to give to Trevor as a Christmas present. He'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

How was your week?


  1. I love making caramel apples, so yummy!

  2. Pretty impressive that you made them! I just bought ours... Good for you for voting!!

  3. Those carmel apples look fantastic! In IL we don't have quite so many Presidential commercials (since sadly the state is pretty much permanently colored in blue on the map!) but there are plenty of hot congressional and local races that are filling the airwaves with negative commercials...I CAN'T wait for it to be over :)


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