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Happy Halloween!

It amazes me how fast this year has gone by - I mean tomorrow is November!

It's almost time for turkey and green bean casserole {the casserole may be the best part of Thanksgiving} and shortly after that we'll be trimming our trees, lighting our menorahs, and singing Auld Lang Syne ushering in 2013.

But first, we celebrate Halloween.

I'm spending the day at school and the evening with family handing out candy while Trevor slaves away in class.

We managed to get a little seasonal fun in last weekend by carving pumpkins - here's a shot of Trevor's creative side!

Enjoy your day dressing up, trick-or-treating, and eating too much candy!

Can you dress up at work? At the hospital today, all of the nurses are wearing witches hats - it's cute! What are you dressed as?


  1. Aw his pumpkin looks fantastic, I love it. I'm not too dressed up today, just a red shirt and devil horns ;)

  2. Happy Halloween! I'm not dressing up just a pumpkin shirt that's about it haha. :)

  3. He did good on the pumpkin! I don't dress up for Halloween anymore.. lol but when I get my own classroom, I'll probably start so I can be a book character or something! :)

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  4. Cute blog from a fellow name-buddy. I just spell mine with an H! :)


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