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Dollar Store Pumpkins Revamped!

The other day I was at the Dollar Tree looking for tissue paper to complete a gift and I ran across some sweet ceramic pumpkins. They're small enough to hold in your hand and I thought they'd look fantastic around the house this time of year.
So I bought three.
I should have bought more!

Anyway, I was standing there in the store and a lightbulb went off.

Spray paint!

I rushed home and immediately laid the pumpkins out in the backyard.

They're not horrible the way they came, but I knew a little silver spray paint would make a world of difference!

So I sprayed those babies down {and a larger styrofoam pumpkin that you see on the left}!

Once dry, I brought them in and found them homes as part of my tablescape.

They look pretty darn fantastic, don't they?
I'm thinking of sponging a little bit black paint around some edges just to give them some depth, but for now I'm happy with their polished look.

And only a dollar each! They'd look cute at a Thanksgiving table, am I right or am I right?

Ok, so what do you think?


  1. I love them! They look much better silver.

  2. I do love the Dollar Tree!!! These pumpkins are so cute silver!

  3. I also love the Dollar Tree! Pumpkins are too cute!

  4. What a great idea! I am so impressed with your creativity and good eye. I never think to do fun things like this. Found you through the Blogworking link-up. :)

  5. That a really easy and inexpensive way to make modern-looking fall decorations! Those would look great on Thanksgiving!


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