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Hey there!

It's that time again - time for High Five for Friday!

I've had an incredibly busy week but have managed to fit in a bit of time with family and friends. I find when I get so busy I want to scream, that spending time out of my house with loved ones is helpful in easing my stress.

You know what else eases my stress? Eating. Which may be why four of my five highlights are about food...

1) Trevor and I spend last Friday evening at Red Lobster enjoying endless amounts of shrimp. It was my idea to have a date night and his idea to eat the shrimp. I married a genius.

2) I enjoyed my last PSL of the season. Once November comes, I'll be drinking salted caramel lattes and peppermint mochas! P.S. I posted this picture on Instagram (Follow me: trisaratoppz) and got a couple emails asking what nail polish I'm wearing. Ten points to whoever guesses correctly!

3) My aunt came to visit so we {my mom, aunt, and I} took a day trip to Green Bay. Considering how close I live to an NFL stadium, you'd think I would have been there before. False. I've never been to a game {well, my high school band played a halftime show for a Packer game once, but they stashed us under the stadium and we had to watch the game on a super small TV so that visit hardly counts} and it had been years since I took the stadium tour. I really enjoyed it! If you ever happen to be in Milwaukee or Green Bay, it's worth the $10 ticket!

4) A couple of my high school friends and I went out for sushi this week. We were celebrating a birthday, but it was really nice just to get together and talk. It didn't hurt that the food was fantastic!

5) While at Lambeau Field, we ate lunch at Curly's Pub. The portions of the food were huge and we had some great conversation over boneless buffalo chicken wings. {Speaking of buffalo chicken, check out yesterday's post for a yummy buffalo chicken dip recipe!}

Happy Friday, loves!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I would to go to Lambeau field one day!

  2. psl and sushi.. what more could a girl want!

  3. WOOOO go Green Bay!!!

  4. Hi!! I left you an award on my blog. :)

  5. Looks like a good week to me! Gotta love the endless shrimp at Red Lobster!

  6. Love Lambeau Field! I have been to 4 games but not once since Favre left. I would love to go out on the field some day. Speaking of the buffalo chix dip, it sounds really good. I make a similar with ranch and no sour cream but more cream cheese. i love it with celery! have a great week!


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