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High Five For Friday

Hey, hey! It's Friday!
It's kind of crazy that it's already October but I'm not going to complain. I would love the next three months to fly by... so we can get to Valentine's Day, my birthday, and the beginnings of Spring.

1) Have you tried this stuff? I bought a jar a couple of months ago and didn't open it until this week. It's 'healthier' than regular peanut butter and it tastes pretty darn good!

2) And then when I opened the Better'n PB, this cute little face made me smile :)

3) I've been taking photos this week for the Fall Photo Link Party next Thursday. Wisconsin really is a beautiful state in all seasons!

4) For example, I took this yesterday down the street from our house. They're reporting that the area where we live is at peak color and it's been kind of windy lately, so I'm guessing within a week we'll no longer have color on the trees and they'll be bare. This is the earliest in the season that our leaves have changed color in 20ish years and it's beautiful!

5) Last - but not least - I'm getting some lunch with Ashley today. I haven't met another blogger in person - ever... much less a blogger who lives pretty darn close to me!. I'll probably talk her ear off but now she can't say she wasn't warned!

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  1. Oh that Fall picture is absolutely beautiful! I'm in Alabama and the leaves haven't started changing, but when they do it's breathtaking!
    Kandi M.

  2. Wow - the leaves are gorgeous! I'm in Chicago and ours have yet to change. Ha, and we don't even have that many since it's a city. Hopefully soon so I can go take some pictures in the park.


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