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His & Her Q&A

Sorry this is a couple days later than my usual His & Her post! I worked all weekend taking care of some emotionally draining patients... when I got home Sunday night after working for 13 hours all I wanted to do was sleep. So I did - until 10:30am on Monday.

Anyway, you know the drill!

If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you?

Him: Steve McQueen - he'd make my life look more exciting.
Her: Rachel McAdams - love her. 

What is your favorite candy bar?
Him: Snickers, by far. Anything with caramel and nuts is delicious!
Her: I am not too picky about my candy - I love most of it! - but I think either Three Musketeers or Charleston Chews {both eaten frozen, right out of the freezer} would have to take the top spot.

If you could redo anything about your wedding, what would you do differently?
Him: Make the honeymoon longer :D I liked our wedding. I am so happy with the way our wedding turned out, I don't think I'd change anything significantly.
Her: I would have a different dress. I LOVED the dress when I had the sample on! However, the bridal store had me buy two sizes larger so they could alter it down and I also lost a bunch of weight... so when my own dress came {the one that took over 6 months because they were making it specifically for my measurements} it was so big that it could just slip off of me. I trusted the ladies at my bridal store to alter it down - they said the could - but I should have just gotten a whole new dress. The Wednesday before the wedding I picked my dress up from the store and put it on to make sure that it looked good... I wasn't happy. My MOH and I stayed at the store until after it closed fighting with the alterations people trying to get it to look right but I ultimately left the store with a dress that I didn't love because it didn't look anywhere near to as nice as the sample did on me. I wore a wedding dress that wasn't what I wanted, and I regret it. I loved my dress when it WASN'T on me, and I loved the sample when it WAS on me but I just didn't feel as beautiful as I wish I could have on my wedding day.

What is the greatest Halloween costume you've ever had?
Him: Dressing up like a train engineer when I was little. And there was a wooden train that went on top of a red wagon that I sat in... so I got to be an engineer with his train!
Her: I don't like Halloween, so none of my costumes have been great.

What is your favorite type of food?
Him: It's either Chinese or cheeseburgers.
Her: My mom's enchiladas {that she passed on to me}. Ok, really, any type of Mexican food. Or anything homemade - including grilled food {brats, burgers, hot dogs, beans, corn, etc}.

What is a sacrifice you've recently made for your better half?
Him: Time. Trying to cram everything into this semester so I can be done.  ....or I can just say that I've been holding in farts for you. That's a sacrifice, right?
Her: It sure as heck isn't holding in farts for you! 

What music did you grow up on?
Him: Whatever was on 95.9 KISS FM - basically pop. It took awhile for me to develop my own musical taste.
Her: Hanson, N*Sync, basically all boy bands ever.

What was your favorite wedding gift?
Him: Our panini maker... or the grill... or the cameras {Flipcam & Kodak Play}. I don't know - I can't decide.
Her: The furniture has been super useful and the vacuum gets used every day... but I think maybe the handmade stuff {quilts, etc} are what I'm going to love most in the long run.

Desert island- Only 5 people are there with you. Who would you want them to be?
Him: I'd be a horrible husband for saying otherwise, so you'd be one of them. Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly to entertain us. Tom Hanks and Bear Grylls because they have experience getting off of islands.
Her: Trev, a survival skill expert, a person who can built helicopters out of hardly anything at all, a master chef who can make nasty food taste delicious, anddddd the President of the United States {because you know millions of dollars would be spent trying to locate and rescue the President if were lost on a desert island - which means he'd get rescued right away and we would too!}

What is your favorite time of day?
Him: Depends. I like mornings if I'm just laying in bed being lazy. But I like evenings when relaxing - going out to dinner or hanging out with friends.
Her: If I'm not super tired, early-ish in the morning when I'm feeling productive. Otherwise, if I am tired in the morning, any time spent in my bed cuddling and dreaming happy dreams is my favorite time.

His&Her Q&A

There you have it!


  1. As always, love it. I'm so sorry you didn't feel super beautiful in your dress but let me tell you, you are GORGEOUS and were absolutely BEAUTIFUL in your dress. I love it on you. I totally understand your feelings though... as for who you'd bring to the island, smart girl!!


  2. baha thats genius, bringing the president along! so smart! haha i love it.
    i know what you mean about the dress... it's so sad to not feel your best, but i'm sure everyone else thought you looked amazing. i think everyone should get a second wedding to change all the things they didn't like about their first haha

  3. I LOVE Charleston Chews and yes they are best frozen!!! :)

  4. Oh the panini maker. That is totally something Dan would say. He wants one so bad (no clue why we never registered for one. fail.). Saw your intro over on Steph's blog. I'm gonna be checking out "around the house" labels next. :)


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