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Hi! I'm Sara.

My husband and I recently bought our first home, got a dog, and are getting settled in life. Is this what being an adult is like?!

I am a nursing student who has finally found my calling after getting a degree in Elementary Education. So what if I've been in school for 25 years?

Outside of caring for the sick, I find fulfillment in spending time with my family, traveling, watching sappy romantic movies, eating ice cream like it's going out of style, and dreaming of the future.

Some like to say I don't live in the moment, but I like to say that I'm always looking forward to the future. I am a planner and I find excitement in planning our next vacation and our first home.

Trevor and I have been married since June 2011 and still feel like newlyweds. Some little girls plan their weddings; I plan my future baby shower.

I believe there is more good in the world than evil. If I can brighten someone's day, I do. If I can have fun while doing it, you better believe it's happening!

I wear my heart on my sleeve and that's never going to change. I'm an open book and I believe in being open and honest.

Want to get to know me better? Here are a few posts that'll do just that:
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You've made it this far so you might as well stick around, right? Contact me with any questions, comments, or even just to say hi!


  1. Stubbled upon your blog from Life's A Sunset! I too live in Wisco! New follower!

  2. yay! i love finding other bloggers from the WI!

  3. I will triple the YAY WI bloggers!...even though I just left Madison a month ago after living there for 7 years :(


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