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...Wait, who are you...?!

A little bit about myself!

I'm Sara, a 20-something woman living in Wisconsin with my husband, Trevor. Our one year anniversary is coming up in a little over a week - where did the past year go?! - but he and I have been together since high school. Basically we can't remember life without the other in it. Too cheesy? Sorry. It's true. We are both in school working on *kind of* second degrees and we also both work regular humdrum jobs - he in manufacturing, I in health care. We don't have any kids and are in no hurry to do so because we're enjoying our time together right now. We don't even have any pets which is really crappy! We talk about getting a dog all.of.the.time. but we're renting a house right now that doesn't allow any pets.

(the two of us in Jamaica on our honeymoon last summer)

I'm into all things DIY. I get into crafty moods and lose whole afternoons to making things I find on Pinterest. I love to experiment in the kitchen, too, especially if the recipe is healthy!

Trevor fixes up old Honda motorcycles in his spare time. We have a couple of them in the garage right now... but only one is ride-able ;) The other one is in pieces but hopefully he'll have 'er up and running by the end of this summer.

We enjoy travelling together even though it doesn't happen as often as we wish it would! We've taken a trip together at least once a year for the past 4 years and we really look forward to relaxing together. I love the process of travelling (packing, the anticipation, hanging out in airports, etc.) while Trevor loves the laying on the beach part :)

Welcome to You.And.Me.Are.We!

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