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High Five For Friday

1) I hit up Victoria's Secret for their semi-annual sale and found some really cute stuff! I was hoping to find more of their Biofit bras because I am in lurve with them but sadly, they only had a strapless style. The other things I did get helped make up for my disappointment, though! It's funny how cute undergarments can make your whole day brighter :)

2) Last Saturday was the first day of our local Farmer's Market and you bet your bottom dollar that I went! I was looking for zucchini to make some zucchini bread but most of the stands were either sold out or totally overpriced. I'll look again next Saturday! I did, however, manage to buy some squeaky fresh cheese curds!
(Oh, and side note, going to the Saturday Market totally got another thing checked off my Summer Bucket List. Woohoo!)

3) We went to dinner with my dad and my brother on Saturday night to celebrate Father's Day. He lives on the other side of the state (about 4 hours away) and we don't get to see him much. It was nice to catch up and enjoy some good food together. No matter how old a girl gets, she's still her daddy's little girl, that's for sure! This is the yummy turkey avocado something-or-other sandwich I got; looks good, right?

4) Earlier this week, we had a handful of storms move through our area (in addition to the muggy 90+ degree days - ugh.) that woke us up at 3:30am and interrupted post-work milk runs at 5:30pm. It's funny how things like mid-day rainstorms make me realize that I really am a four-seasons girl. No, not like the hotel chain Four Seasons, but like the actual four seasons - summer, fall, winter, spring. I love my rain and I love my heat but I feel so lost without both. Wait until September rolls around and you'll see that I'm itching for some orangey-yellowy-redish leaves and pumpkin patches!

5) Our first wedding anniversary was this week! You can see what I wrote to my husband on our anniversary here. It's hard to believe it's already been a year since our big day. Time certainly flies when you're having fun and living life! Trevor loved all of his gifts and we got to spend quality time together over dinner at the fancy shmancy place that catered our wedding. I had also ordered a cake from the baker that made our wedding cake so it was nice to reminisce over the first meal we had as husband and wife. I have the most supportive husband and I am so grateful for him! One year down, many many many more to go!
See the huge piles of food in front of us? It was SO. GOOD. I had freshly made pasta tossed in marinara sauce, topped with prosciutto, chicken breast, and crunchy eggplant. Trevor had peppercorn dusted sea scallops on top of mushroom risotto. To die for, seriously.

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  1. I can totally agree with your #1...pretty undies always make you feel...pretty! Lol!! Congrats on your anniversary!!...I found you through the link up, cute blog!! =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Miss Riss! Glad you enjoyed You.And.Me.Are.We - come back and visit again soon :)


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