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My Hunny, My Sweetie, My Valentine

Sorry in advance if this post is a little too sweet for you, because today's prompt is all about what makes my heart melt!

June 26 - What does your significant other do that makes your heart melt?

Trevor is a pretty great husband, I can't lie. He constantly surprises me with romantic gestures like setting up our dinner on a cutely decorated card table in the one room of our house that is air conditioned on the hottest day of the summer (uh, yeah, that totally happened last week!).

He vacuums the house without me asking and he checks the oil in my car because I don't know left from right when it comes to engines.
My husband listens to show tunes when we're driving together and I'm singing at the top of my lungs (and he may even sing along a little bit, but don't tell him I told you that).

Trev and I laugh so much together. So. Much.

He promises to love me forever and even writes me notes on the bathroom mirror to remind me of that. It's always wonderful to stumble into the bathroom first thing in the morning and be greeted by a "Good Morning! I love you!" note.

Trevor offers me his hand as a tissue when I'm sad and crying - or even better, I'm happy and crying!
He dreams big dreams with me and wants our future together to be as perfect as can be.

So many things, there are so many things that he does that make my heart melt.

This post is part of the Summer Blog Challenge. To see more posts inspired by the challenge visit my Summer Blog Challenge page!


  1. This is so sweet. Glad you got a good one.

  2. Me too, Niki! He's a keeper :)


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