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Happy Monday, Friends!

This weekend went by way too quickly! Trevor was busy for most of it hangin' out in the 90 degree weather at Road America. He and my father-in-law share a love of motorcycles so they have a great time bonding when events like this come up.

Anyways, since I was essentially widowed for the weekend, I decided I wanted to get caught up on stuff for me. I...

- painted my toenails a gorgeous shade of red/coral (Essie's Ole Caliente)

- planted a geranium that my mom brought over last week. It was planted last year in a pot as decoration at our wedding reception and my mom managed to successfully winter a whole bunch of them and saved one for us. I'm happy to have the geranium on our front stoop - it's a great reminder of our love for each other and it takes me back to our wedding day (so timely, because our anniversary is coming up quickly!).
I was going to fill you in on a tip or two that I use when planting but as I was planting this little guy I decided I'll wait and make an entire blog post about my planting methods soon. So stay tuned!

- started getting gifts together and wrapped for Trevor for said wedding anniversary. I'm expecting a few boxes in the mail this week ;) Here's a sneak peek at what I've been up to, but when I get it all put together I'll post some more pictures!
- did some homework for my accelerated summer online class. Let me just tell you that it's hard to focus on the integumentary system when it's so uncomfortably warm outside - I'd rather have been at the beach!

Otherwise, I spent my weekend with my loved ones and living life... I'm so thankful for weekends like these!

What did you do this weekend? Was it as hot out where you are as it was in Wisconsin? 

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