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I decided to hop on board a summer blog challenge to expand the content that I write about. I'll be aiming to post at least once a day - once a day with the prompts and sometimes more for me to add my own content in! The posts won't be novels or anything too long, just a little insight into my life. Click on the button to the right for more blogs who are doing the same.

June 19 - Something you're proud of from the last few days

 I know I talked about it already, and I have another post in the works that mentions it, but I am so seriously proud of my marriage. They aren't kidding when they say it's a lot of work! Since we've been together (a little over 7 years) we've had our share of hard times. We've had to forgive a lot of little things. Heck, we've had to forgive a lot of big things! My grandma and grandpa celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary earlier this year and have set the bar pretty darn high for us. They function so well as one that you can't imagine them apart. I hope and wish and dream and aspire for Trevor and I to be that way. I really hope that when we have grandkids, they look towards our marriage as a source of pride and aspire to be like us. Forever is forever and I can't wait to spend forever with my groom.

This post is part of the Summer Blog Challenge. To see more posts inspired by the challenge visit my Summer Blog Challenge page!

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