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High Five For Friday

Another week down!

My top five from this week:

1) We cleaned out our basement Sunday evening. And by clean out I mean we took out boxes of stuff, threw away a ton of crap, and packed up papers we're gonna burn at the cottage later this summer. We're not completely done combining our stuff (I know, I know, we've been married for over a year... it should be done by now) but we're getting there. I feel lighter just knowing that all that school stuff from as far back as eighth grade is out of our basement. We never have to move with it again! Woohoo!

2) I'm taking a summer online class and got another two chapters knocked down this week. I love that I can work at my own pace with it so if I'm stressed from work I can ignore it but if I have a day off I can tackle as much of it as I want. The class doesn't officially end until August 10th, but I have another giant test I'm taking on August 9th so ideally I would like to be done with the online class by the end of July so I can spend 9 days studying for The Big Kahuna.

3) We made homemade pizza for dinner one night. It was the bomb diggity.

4) We've been saving a box or two of clothes and random stuff to take to Goodwill for a couple of months. This week, my mom let us know they were having a huge garage sale this weekend and just took all of the boxes to her house. Then she priced them. I didn't have to lift a finger, it was awesome. And just from the sale yesterday, we made over $20. Now, if you knew the random crap we had in those boxes you'd be amazed at the $20 too!

5) I have met some really sweet patients at work recently. I wish I could tell you all about them and how they've inspired me but privacy don't allow it. I really do love working with patients and their families - they bring more joy and satisfaction while doing my job than anything I've ever done before. It's great to see them come to us so sick, allow us to help them and teach them about how to keep themselves healthy, and then send them home once they're better. So satisfying. SO humbling.

What are your top five from this week?


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