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Flower Gardening

I don't know about where you live, but this past weekend was absolutely wonderful here in Wisconsin.

We had sun, we had warmth, we had birds chirping, and we had green grass! It had been far too long since it had been warm enough to wear short sleeves because our winter crept into the middle of April. It seemed anywhere you went, the cold was all people could talk about. It was depressing. But it's over now!

Maybe that's why this weekend felt so glorious? Heck, I even worked a long shift at work on Saturday and had one of the worst days yet and I still count this weekend as a huge success - now that's sayin' something!

Because of the nice weather, I've been itching to get some flowers planted and this year's vegetable garden planted {remember last year's garden?!}. We rent and can't plant our garden directly in the ground, so I'm thankful we got that all figured out last year {see our renter's garden solution!}. This weekend I finally gathered everything together and planted a few flowers.

I wish I had some pretty photos of the flowers to show you, but I decided I wanted to try planting flower seeds this year in an attempt to save money... so they're pretty darn boring looking for now.

Growing up on an organic farm and being raised by two garden-crazy parents, I've spent a good amount of time planting. I've also gathered a couple tricks here and there... one of which I know everyone who plants in pots can use.

So here's what you need to do...
When you're ready to being planting in pots, grab a few coffee filters - if you don't have some already, a pack is only about a dollar or so at the grocery store or local dollar store. Then simply place a single coffee filter in the bottom of each pot before you add the potting mix. Plant as usual. This will eliminate any soil that would otherwise fall through the drainage hole in the bottom and doesn't add any weight {like adding stones or gravel would}. Plus, any excess water will seep through and drain away easily. It's a quick and easy way to keep your planting area clean and make sure that your pot doesn't lose the soil it needs to grow!

Get out there, enjoy the Spring, grab a handful of coffee filters, and beautify your yard!

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  1. Definitely one of those tips where you go "well of COURSE it's that easy!" Haha, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm going to remember the coffee filter use there!
    I didn't realize you live in WI, my husband and I are about to head up that way next week to see his family.

  3. I'm happy you guys are having great weather. Here in NC Mother Nature has been a bit bi-polar as of late. I'm going to have to remember the coffee filter. That's pretty ingenious. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Great tip! I haven't planted my annuals in pots yet, I'm going to try it.

  5. This is such a cool tip, I never would have though of it. We are foregoing flowers this year because it's so darn hot.

  6. Wow! That is a really great tip! We plant our veggies in boxes/pots too. But the biggest problem I have is that the soil gets really hard. Do you have any solutions? HELP ME. :)

  7. Hi, my name is Maya and I'm a total idiot - I KNOW that you've told me about your blog before, so how am I JUST seeing it now? I'm adding you to the Midwest Style Bloggers right now considering I totally spaced it! Don't beat me up at sushi tonight, haha


  8. i've seen that before its such a great idea.


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