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Home Tour: The Living Room

A couple weeks ago, my Little (Samantha!) designed a new living room based on a conversation we had and a few pictures I sent her.

I was so sick of our living room because it was the least "adult" room in our home. We haven't stepped foot in a living room furniture store - ever - so our couch was a (basically never used) hand me down from my grandparents and was so busy that it made me feel anxious just looking at it.
Ugly right? Yeah, you're tellin' me!

This is the inspiration board that Samantha (who is an interior designer, so she knows what she's doing!) created with our needs in mind. How great does it look?!

So I started my search for the perfect slipcover - and found this one at Kohls! I love the chevron that's in the weave of the material... I think it's a great little touch to modernize an otherwise blah-gray cover.

And the curtains? Found them at Kohl's too... on clearance... as bath shower curtains...

But they were the perfect color - even if they don't look like it in these photos, the color works perfectly with the other teal touches in the room from the pillows and accent accessories - so I had to buy a few and give them a try.

They were the perfectly length! They were an even better width! We have a GIANT picture window in the front of our home that needed to be covered. In the past, I had to use three or four curtains to cover it... but with the cloth shower curtains, I only needed two!

So I bought enough for the room, busted out my sewing machine, and got to work. What you see on the windows are the final product and in total, cost less than $25 for the whole room!

And, for good measure, here are a few detail shots of some of my favorite areas in the living room.

This photo was taken when we were in Colorado visiting a friend a few years ago. The color of the sky matches the color of the frame matches the teal accent color in the rest of the room. It's fantastic!

A couple pillows that grace the couch.

A couple more pillows and a better shot at the pattern on the slipcover.

And no living room in a newlywed's house is complete without the oversized wedding photo! This is one of our favorites from our big day and has been given it's own wall above a chair. You can see it through the front picture window out front because it's so big - it makes me smile!

Apart from the horrible quality photos, what do you think about our newly redone living room?

Samantha can create a mood board/inspiration board for you, too! She offers incredibly reasonable pricing (especially compared to what other bloggers are offering them for, sheesh!) - you can find details here

check this out!


  1. Ahhh I love it! You did an amazing job and that slipcover is perfect. :)

  2. Awe you did awesome! come do my house? ;)

  3. LOVE that slipcover.....*heading to* I have a similar ugly sofa situation that is also a hand-me-down. It needs a new slipcover!

  4. Wow that couch looks so different/perfect now! Love what you did!

  5. Love it! yay for samantha and you working together!

  6. It looks amazing!! Love those colors!

  7. Fabulous! I love it. Particularly the ampersand, I have a love affair with ampersands.

  8. wow, that is a great slipcover find! and i love your pillows! i have quite the obsession with throw pillows so i love them all :)

  9. wow how great is that slipcover! seriously changes up the look so well. i love the pillows you picked especially because of the turquoise color


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