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Project: Do You #9

Please note that this is a link up that focuses on individual self discovery goals. The goals you see below were set by me and for me only. If you choose to link up with us, please create your own goals to work toward and to update us on. If you are unfamiliar with Project: Do You, check out this post that introduces the project before proceeding.

#1 - Read one book per month. Since I last posted, I've read two books - both by John Green. First, I read Paper Towns while I was waiting to borrow The Fault In Our Stars from my brother. Not gonna lie, I read Paper Towns in a couple of hours. It was a quick read and I was totally into it. It's not mind blowing by any means, but it's a good story. When I met up with my brother to borrow TFIOS, he also lent me the rest of John Green's books and I read An Abundance of Katherines in a day. I'm counting those as my May and June books!

#2 - Work out on a regular basis. The doctor's appointment I mentioned last time is this afternoon and I'll hopefully have more answers after that. I did work out a couple times since I last posted and didn't have the issue I did that prompted me to call a doctor. I've noticed a few positive changes in my body since last wearing shorts/capris and I'm encouraged to keep going. Plus, I have a 5K in a couple weeks and another in August. I better get better soon!

#7 Shape eyebrows. I'm really trying to perfect my eyebrows because for the longest time I let them get crazy and it makes me cringe when I look back at photos. Plus, I'm trying to find ways to make myself look older {or, at the very least, at least look my age!} because people are constantly mistaking me for a high schooler. Not so awesome when it's been 7-8 years since I last took a high school class. Anyway - back to the eyebrows - I think I'm getting somewhere with them! I like the way one side looks and now I'm trying to get the other side to match without overplucking. It's a slow process but I feel like I'm making progress :)

#9 Travel more. The past couple of weekends, we've been in Madison and Milwaukee which has been a nice change from sitting around and staring out the window at the snow.

#17 Bake someone a birthday cake. Trevor's birthday is almost here and I've narrowed down my cake options to two different chocolate cakes. I can't wait to get creative in the kitchen and I really hope it turns out well!

Join me on this journey of self-fulfillment:

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  1. I loved The Fault in Our Stars, I'll have to check his other books out.

  2. I love baking and it's so fun to be creative with fun stuff like that. :)

  3. These are great goals! I love that one of your goals is travel more I think it is so important.

  4. You go girl! I need to workout but I can even tell a difference of just feeling better since I'm not eating sweets! Also I still get mistaken for a high schooler too! It is really not okay. And you can come visit me next :)

    XO Samantha


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