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High Five for... Saturday?

Ohhhh, where to begin?!

I meant to work on a High Five For Friday post, but my real life got a little crazy this week with the addition of an unannounced mid-week ice storm {complete with long-lasting power outages}that set me back at least a day...
So, this week, it's High Five For Saturday!

one. On Monday, my mom and I headed to my favorite sushi spot. They also have fantastic Chinese dishes - as you can see it's not your traditional Chinese takeout, it's so much better than the stuff that comes in the plastic containers!

two. This just happened to be my fortune cookie after lunch... I'm all about literacy, but buying endless cookies? Oh, ok, if you say so!

three. I discovered these amazing cookies this week. Ohhh, so good! Fun fact: my favorite cookies are oatmeal chocolate chip. Even better if they're soft. Quaker hit the nail on the head with these guys!

four. Remember that ice storm I mentioned? It left behind this gorgeous scene - so pretty yet so destructive! 

five. Trevor, my brother, and I took a mini roadtrip to Madison this week. Our Oma was due for a visit and we were more than happy to visit her, make some lunch, do a puzzle, and enjoy each other's company!

How was your week?

check this out!


  1. okay just to say that Chinese looks amazing! :) And that ice storm pictures look pretty~

  2. Oh how I love Chinese food...yum! :) Looks like a great week.

  3. That ice storm looks crazy! Glad you're safe and sound!:) Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Wow, the ice storm looks so beautiful! I miss ice storms (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say), it just looks like you went through the wardrobe and into narnia!


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