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Dear Friday

Dear Friday, today is the day that my new "life" begins. For the next 54 weeks I will EatSleepStudyRepeat nursing school. Today I am meeting 29 other brave souls who will be completing this program too. I'm nervous {why?! I'm a social person!} and scared that I'm going to fail.

Dear 2N family, thank you for the wonderful going away party on Tuesday. Your words were kind and exactly what I needed to hear to give me closure. I wasn't ready to leave behind such wonderful nurses but after a few things you said, I know I'm going down the right path. God willing, I will be back working with you all again in just over a year - this time as an RN!

Dear Trevor, this week has been full of work for you and not so full of time spent together. You do your thing, I'll do mine, and at the end of this crazy busy weekend we will make time to reconnect. It's pretty darn frustrating when you don't even have time to talk to your bed mate!

Dear friends, a few of you have exciting news which makes me want to just wrap you up in a huge hug and shout from the rooftops. And not tell anyone, of course.

Dear duplex, I'm totally not sad that we only have a week left living in you. Not sad one single bit!

Dear paperwork, we've been waiting for you to show up so we could get the final closing date on the house. Looks like you're not available today even though we were told you would be. You better hurry up and get to where you need to be because if you don't get your act together, this house deal could fall through. And that would mean we will be homeless come September 30th. Get it together!

Dear weather, please try to stay warmish for a while still. Trevor and I need the temperatures to be high enough that we can do a bunch of landscaping work at the new house. And with all of these delays, the ground better not be frozen by the time we get the keys to the house!

Dear YOU!, have a fantabulous weekend! I'll be hanging with my new pals at nursing school orientation. If you want a sneak peek as to what I'll be up to {new friends, good food, late nights, new technologies!} follow me on Twitter and IG @YouAndMeAreWe - catch ya on the flip side!

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