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I know it's been a week since my last update and I'm sorry for that. First I had three days of nursing school orientation that left me feeling incredibly exhausted and overwhelmed. Add to that two 12-hour days of work training for a new charting system that's going live soon, plus one very persistent sore throat/head cold... and that brings us to Wednesday. Since then, our house deal has been teetering on the brink of not-going-to-happen due to having hired apparently the slowest appraisers EVER.

As of last night, we're moving into our first home on Sunday. We'll be renting from the seller for a few days until the paperwork moves through the system and we can close later in the week. But basically that means I've been on the phone all morning (literally - the phone woke me up and I've already had to recharge it this morning!) arranging utility transfers, internet set up, and UHaul truck rentals.

Oh, and don't forget that nursing school officially starts on Monday and I have what seems like six trillion pages to read before then. When I say the program is accelerated, I mean that for every one DAY of class for us, it's equal to one WEEK of class in a traditional program. Our first quiz and exam are both on Thursday... after we read 500 pages and complete a project.

I've been going back and forth about what to do with You and Me are We while I'm in school. I have added pressure to write on a frequent basis because some very kind souls decided they wanted to sponsor YAMAW. After much thought, I've decided to continue my blogging adventure but slow things down quite a bit. If I have a busy week with school, you may not see much of me but if I can find time, I'll be on Twitter and Instagram daily!

I'm not setting a posting goal for myself but please know that I'll be posting as much as I can! I have a few house update and house DIY posts that I'm itching to get going on.

I want this blog to be a reflection of my life - my real life. And for the next 12 months, my real life is going to be focused on becoming a nurse with some fun weekend house projects thrown in there. I've always promised that I would keep it real here and I don't sugar coat things, so there you have it.

Please, please, please follow along with me on Instagram (@YouAndMeAreWe) and Twitter (@YouAndMeAreWe) because chances are, I'll be hangin' around there before I pop onto Blogger to bust out a post or two!

Catch ya on the flip side (or, at least before Christmas break!)


  1. You sure are a busy lady! :) Moving into your first home is such an amazing experience, one you will never forget. :)

  2. That program sounds crazy. . .good for you, though! Good luck with the move!


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