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back from the dead

Get excited and be proud!

This girl is joining the world of the living again!

I've been sicker than sick since Saturday. So sick I didn't bother putting a bra on. So sick I resorted to wiping my nose on my sleeves. So sick I wore the same sweatpants from Saturday until yesterday. {Yeah, I admit it, go ahead and judge! No shame here!}

I had to call into work Monday and Tuesday... and I never call into work. In the five years I've worked there, I never ever missed a day. Until this nasty virus knocked me on my butt.

After a little test run yesterday {aka, I ran to WalMart for a few minutes}, I am getting out of this house! I'm going to be spending today at school celebrating our last day of class with everyone. And maybe, hopefully, I'll get a little studying done as well because our final is next Monday.

Just because I don't have a voice doesn't mean I can't enjoy a celebratory Last Lunch with some very good friends, right?

When I say HAPPY WEDNESDAY, I mean it!


  1. haha. I love that the signal for being too sick to function in all women is that you don't bother to put a bra on. that's when you know it's legit.

  2. haha I am guilty of wearing the same pajamas when I am sick. Oh well no one is going to see you except your significant other.


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