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High Five For Friday

Holy cow! I can't believe it's time for another H54F - it feels like I just did one a couple of days ago...

Last weekend we visited my Oma and celebrated Christmas with her. She and my Opa {who has since passed} came to the United States with two kids when they were in their 30s. Because so much of their lives were spent in Germany, my Oma still keeps many traditions from overseas alive. Last Saturday, we made kielbasa and homemade potato salad {from scratch! so much work!} and enjoyed a lot of wonderful conversation. Somehow the subject of her furs was brought up and she dug all of them out of her closet. This is the resulting picture of me wearing Russian skunk {huh?!} that was my great-great-grandmother's. Agree or disagree about wearing furs, you still have to agree that it's super freaking cool that I wore something that's well over 100 years old!

Also this week, I took my last final for my chem class. Thank goodness that waste of time is over! On to bigger and better things. Up next? In spring I'll be taking biochem and microbiology!

Trevor also finished all of his classes this week! It may not have happened on time, on the day we thought it was going to, in the way we thought it would happen... but life throws you for a loop every now and again, right? I am relieved school is over for him and that he's officially graduated! Now, we're just waiting on a few companies he has applications at/has interviewed with to offer him a job making meeelions of dollars!

Yesterday, we spent the day at home, in leggings and sweats, unable to leave the house due to a blizzard outside! I haven't heard a final number of inches of snow yet, but last I heard we had gotten over a foot of snow. Even though it was a blizzard, you have to admit it makes for some gorgeous trees!

The letters of recommendation that I need to complete my nursing school application were handed out this week. Hopefully, the two nurses that I gave the forms to have completed them and they are on their way to the CON! I explained the whole process of applying to my accelerated nursing program here if you're looking for more details.

And that's that. It's been a busy week but it's also had it's relaxing moments. Today, Trevor and I are working on a few last Christmas presents that have to be finished up and wrapped and hopefully we'll find some time to tidy up the house in preparation for the holiday as well. Wish us luck!

How was your week?

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  1. I love that picture of you and yes I think it's AWESOME!!!


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