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2012 Recap

I've only been blogging for 7 months, but a lot has happened since June!

You.And.Me.Are.We has gained almost 250 readers since the beginning, and considering I had less than 800 pageviews in my first month of blogging, I'd say it's come a long way!

Here are your favorite posts:

How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains - Fast! {and you already have what you need in your kitchen!}

Homemade Taco Seasoning {so much yummier and better for you than the stuff you buy in the packets!}

His & Her Q&A {one of many!}

I wasn't surprised to see that most of my readers are from the US... but I was amazed to see that I have a lot of readers from France, Sweden, and the UK! So glad you stumbled upon a little blog written by a girl from Wisconsin :)

It's been a fantastic year and I am so blessed to have met so many amazing, supportive bloggers through this adventure. I thank all of you who have read my posts and listened to me ramble on and on at times. Without your kind comments and continued readership, it would make my blogging harder to do. You all are wonderful!

Here's to another great year and to creating more memories and friendships!

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  1. I absolutely love your blog and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2013!! You deserve it. :)


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