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High Five For Friday

Time for another H54F, so here's my week in pictures:

Last Saturday, Trevor graduated from college! For some reason, the school held graduation almost three weeks before classes end... which means that it was kind of anti-climactic - and Trevor is still just as busy as ever {yesterday he was at school by 8am and didn't come home until after dinner time}.

He cleans up pretty darn well if I do say so myself :)
This was probably my favorite part of the week. We were stressed out on Saturday morning and were crabby towards each other but as soon as I saw him walk across the stage and accomplish something so HUGE, all irritation melted away. Something similar must have happened to him too, because we were plain ol' us as soon as we saw each other after the ceremony. Have I told you how much I love being married to this man?.

We met up with an old friend of ours from high school {he was also one of our groomsmen!} after graduation and headed to our local froyo place. They had holiday flavors {egg nog, peppermint, gingerbread} and they were all so good!

This past week marked the second birthday of our only nephew! How can you not love this silly face?

We bought him a play tool set which included a toy drill. He was obsessed with it and spent most of the night doing this:

Yeah, pretty sure he's going to be a dentist!

How was your week?


  1. My hubs and I love Cherry Berry! It's so delish!

  2. HAHA the dentist comment. good call!

  3. Your husband is hilarious in pic #1! Great blog! So glad I stopped by from #H54F!

    LFK @ Bmore Domestic (your newest follower)

  4. The reason why married people are crabby at time is so the special moments is more valued! ;) Congratulations on finishing! :)

  5. I'm so glad i've come across your blog! You and your hubs are too cute!


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