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Allergic to Everything {and Why I Love 1-800 CONTACTS}

Most of the pictures you see on here don't involve glasses of any kind. Not because I don't need glasses {actually, I've had them since 4th grade} but because I wear contacts most of the time if I'm doing something other than working or hanging out around the house... and let's be honest, you're not interested in seeing pictures of me cleaning at home.

Needless to say, I wear contacts a lot! Sometime during college, it came to light that I have massive allergies. After months and months of allergic conjunctivitis {allergy-related pink eye} and therefore months and months of not wearing contacts, it was decided I would head to an allergist for testing. She did a scratch test and it only showed I was allergic to cockroaches and spruce trees. We knew there had to be more out there that was making me as miserable so I was sent home with a large patch containing common allergens taped to my back. Within a few days, I could feel blisters forming and my back was so itchy! At the end of the week I had blisters on top of blisters in a few key sections of my back: where the potassium dichromate was, and where the cobalt was.

So what did this mean for me? No more contact lens solution: I switched to daily disposable lenses. Lots of allergy eye drops and a daily Claritin. And it meant I was basically allergic to about half of my world. Make up? Allergic to most. Hair dye? Allergic to most. Printing inks? Allergic. Metal alloys and ceramics? Allergic. Paint primers, leather, and cement? Allergic, allergic, allergic.

Years later, I've managed my allergies well and have to come to realize that apart from avoiding what I'm allergic to {which is next to impossible, let me tell you!} one of the best ways for me to reduce reactions is surprisingly to continue the use of my daily contact lenses rather than switch back to monthlies.

So when the time came to order more contact this year, I had my eyes set on one brand: SofLens Daily Disposables. And wouldn't you know that my eye doctor's price was crazy out of this world? Even after employee discounts and vision insurance coverage, I'd still have to pay at least $100 out of pocket for a six month supply!

And that's when I started looking elsewhere for places to get my contacts from!

Disclaimer: the opinions in the rest of this post continue to be mine, and only mine. I have not been compensated for writing this post - I am just happily sharing my experience with my readers!

I came across 1-800 CONTACTS and quickly found my brand of contacts on their website... for much less than my doctor's office was selling them for! Plus, they had a rebate for an extra $30 off. I realized I was stupid not to buy my contacts this way!

It was simple to buy contacts through - all I had to have on hand was have a copy of my latest contact prescription and my credit card! Easy peasy. I chose the power of each eye, how many boxes I wanted, and clicked them into my cart. From there, I finished checkout {but not before Googling a coupon code for an extra $10 off!} and found an email in my inbox telling me that they'd call my eye doctor to confirm the prescription I entered but I could speed up the process by texting them a picture of my paper copy instead. I snapped a pic message and sent it to the number they provided. Soon after, the contacts were on their way to my house!

Here's how it went down:
10:30 am, order placed, confirmation email received
10:51 am, text message was sent
12:00 pm, $30 rebate form was printed, filled out, and in my mailbox for pickup
12:30 pm, email received telling me my contacts were ready to ship

A few days later a small box arrived on my porch and my contacts were in perfect condition. They're exactly what I would have gotten from my eye doctor's office - except for the massive price difference. In fact, with all of the rebates and discounts from 1-800 CONTACTS, my vision insurance is reimbursing me for every single penny of the contacts! What was going to cost me at least $100 out of pocket ended up costing me nothing at all!

I tweeted and Instagrammed a picture about how great my experience with 1-800 CONTACTS was and within minutes had company representatives liking and commenting on my photo. So not only do they ship quickly but they have fantastic customer service and a great social media team!

If you are looking for a a quick and easy ordering process, even better product, and an overall positive experience you seriously need to check out 1-800 CONTACTS. For real. I'm not kidding. I'm not getting paid to say it. {Though, they're welcome to send me free contacts!}You just need to try it. FAN FREAKING TASTIC!

Have you ever ordered from 1-800 CONTACTS? What about another mail order contact place?

check this out!


  1. Oh my gosh. I feel as though I've had a revelation! I've had such similar eye issues for years. You have me wondering if it could be contact lens solution! I'm totally going to look into it. I also use 1-800-CONTACTS and they are great! Thanks so much for this post!

  2. It seems like my allergies simply manifest themselves through my eyes - I still get itchy skin and all that jazz, but if I come in contact with something I'm allergic to I have problems with my contacts for days. I hope you get answers as to what's making your eyes have problems - I feel for you :(

  3. Wow totally samesies - I had been wearing contacts for years and then suddenly my eyes couldn't handle it anymore, and I had to switch to this solution called AOSEPT which is essentially hydrogen pry-oxide and then something that neutralises it (but it takes 5 hours at least). It's the only thing that's been working for me. Also allergic to metals, make up and hair dye!

  4. Samesies is right! I used to use that same lens solution, but now I don't have to buy any at all thanks to my dailies :) Allergies suck sometimes, don't they?! It's nice to know I'm not alone in my struggle to keep my eyes from itching nonstop!


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