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Wedding Wednesday #5

This is it - the last day of wedding details from our big day over two years ago. And it's about time you get to read this, right?

You probably want to be caught up with my Wedding Wednesday posts before moving on, so here's the breakdown: read about our ceremony in the first edition of Wedding Wednesday, be overwhelmed with beautiful photos of our reception in the second edition, read all about the attire we chose in the third, and stare at photo after photo of the details on our wedding day in the fourth.

As promised, today I'm sharing my wedding dos and don'ts. From attire, to guests, to ceremony, to honeymoon - it's all below!

First, let's start with what I'd change:
- I'd find bridesmaid dresses somewhere other than David's Bridal. There are so many cute, wedding-perfect dresses out there in stores that aren't pegged as wedding stores. In fact, right now there's a dress at LOFT that I LOVE {yes, I own it} and would have been absolutely perfect for a bridesmaid dress. The fact that you can buy it on sale for $25 is just a huge, red cherry on top. I would have saved my girls money and they would have had a classy dress to wear again and again.
- Similarly, I'd have the guys buy suits rather than rent from Men's Warehouse. We chose some of the more expensive suits to rent and they could have gotten their own suits to OWN for about the same price. Plus, we could have gifted them the ties or shirts as part of their gifts to save even more money. Brides, do not think you have to rent suits or tuxes!
- Take a longer honeymoon. Need I say more?
- Buy a different dress!
- I would have hired a different wedding planner. The one we used was pretty darn unprofessional the day of our wedding and didn't follow through on what she said she'd do. Too bad, too, because I've warned so many of my recently-engaged family and friends to steer clear of her company!

Here's what I'd still do the same if we did it all over again:
- Get married at 11:30am. I loved the flow of the day and it allowed us to spend so much time with family. After the reception wrapped up, Trevor and I headed to our hotel, changed, ate a few bites of food, and headed back to my parent's house for a bonfire with our closest family and friends. It was the perfect way to wind down after the day's excitement.
- Spend a lot of money on a photographer. Enough said.
- Spend a lot of money on food.
- Not serve alcohol. Our guests didn't complain and it wasn't exactly expected for a garden lunch reception.
- Invite the same number of guests. We were so glad to be surrounded by our very close family and friends. They all played a part in our relationship and we genuinely wanted them there. Plus, we had time to talk to EVERYONE, to thank them for coming, and to enjoy their presence. It's my opinion that as the hosts of the party, you need to do this and when you have eleventy million guests, that just doesn't happen and it's rude.
- A first look.

Do you have any wedding regrets?

Photo courtesy of Laurie Marie Photography.


  1. :) you already know a few things I would do differently!!! One thing I would do the same is spend the money on a photographer!! It pays off in the end.

  2. your regrets are pretty similar to mine, other than i didn't have a coordinator.

  3. I can't afford a DOC, is that a mistake that I can't get one? I am hoping my person attendants will help and keep everything smoothly.

  4. This is totally gonna bring up some questions from me to you. I am so back and forth on suits. Expect an email soon!
    PS. Great post :)

  5. I love these, it's amazing how much you would change when you look back.

  6. Too funny! I think we got the same bridesmaids dresses! Mine were pale pink and I actually loved the color so much I wanted one myself. I was happy with them and I think they are re-wearable. Logistically, it was just easier to tell everyone to go to David's. We did a first look too because we did photos before the ceremony. No regrets about that either. I cried when I saw him first then again when we went down the aisle. Your dress is really pretty!!


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