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Have You Met Paulina?

Have you met Paulina (and Palmer)?

She blogs at Discovering Simply Me - and let me tell you that she covers everything under the sun! You want to see fashion posts? She's got 'em. You're looking for blogging tips and HTML assistance? Yep, got those too. Are you trying to get rid of your armpit fat? This girl has got you covered! Need some tips for online dating? Those are here, too! Paulina's been through some rough patches in the past {just like the rest of us!} and is working to build herself a better future. She doesn't cover up anything - she's upfront and honest, just like your real life friends!

Plus, she's got a cutie named Palmer - her therapy dog - who you'll occasionally see photobombing her fashion posts. Can't go wrong with cute pets! And you'll also find book reviews. I'm always looking for a few good books to add to my collection, so these are some of my favorite posts of hers!

You're missing out if you don't head over to Discovering Simply Me! If that's not your style, then make sure you're following Paulina on Twitter @Paulina_Smiles_!

check this out!

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  1. Paulina DombrowskiJuly 11, 2013 at 11:23 AM

    He is the master at photo bombing. The pictures I'm editing now are quite funny because of him.


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