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Fall Outfits

Some of you may have seen this post when I posted over at Cutesy Bootsie a couple of weeks ago! I also wanted to share it here with those of you who didn't visit Brook's site when I linked to it here. It's a fun little insight into my dream Fall closet and some background on my style!

Fall is right around the corner - I won't be sad to say goodbye to the hot temperatures we've had the past few months and I will welcome cardigans with open arms! Living in Wisconsin, Fall is usually a short-lived season. It seems we go from temperatures in the seventies to temperatures in the thirties and forties in a week. Because of that, my Fall outfits are worn even when the snow flakes begin to fall. Gotta get my money's worth, right?!

Here's a little background about my style and how I buy pieces for my wardrobe: I'm a little preppy. I like polished looks. If it looks like it's from J.Crew but is actually from Target, I like it even better. When I shop, I usually don't look for a specific item - I've learned I get frustrated and easily give up when I do that. Instead, I have ideas of pieces I'd like to buy and I look for something similar, but not exact. This could mean that I've found an outfit that has a pair of brown, open toed flats that I love. When I'm shopping, I look at brown flats, I look at open toed flats, I look at open toed wedges, and I look at brown wedges. I'll show you an example like this {but with a belt} in a minute. So keep reading, would ya?!

You'll notice that every outfit I'm posting has an adorable cardigan - I'm a sucker for the perfect sweater. I think they're preppy enough to make your outfit look tied together but they're {usually} comfy enough to make you never want to take it off {which, of course, would be gross - wash your clothes, people}!

My Perfect Fall Go-To

My Perfect Fall Go-To by tjmcd featuring fringe scarves

I also tend to wear outfits that aren't blah. I like color! I like prints! I like to mix it up! Now, you won't find me with leopard print boots, pink sweatpants, a lime green sweater, and my hair poufed - I'll leave that to the kids from Jersey Shore! You will find me wearing pops of color like the green sweater above and the gorgeous orange below! And that colorful scarf that matches the tank top? Um, YES PLEASE!


Untitled by juju featuring flat shoes

Classic colors have a special place in my heart. Take this navy sweater, for example. I love the color, I love the flowers, I love the cut, I just love it all! A top in a classic color like navy, grey, or black looks sophisticated and can tone down an outfit if you've gone bolder with your pants/skirt/shorts/whatever or your shoes.

New skirt from ON

New skirt from ON by shopmom featuring a ruffle shirt

I hate shopping for jeans. I am in my twenties and have yet to find a pair that I absolutely love. My waist is at least a size smaller than my thighs are {Hi, yes, I have humongous thighs. no matter what I do, they stay big. I'm destined to be Thunder Thighs forever.} and it seems like every brand of pants I try on that are made for "curvy" body types or are "boyfriend" fit end up still being too big in the waist if they fit in the thighs. Because of that, I wear skirts and dresses a lot in the Fall {and Summer... and Spring}. The skirt above and the dress below would definitely get a lot of use in my wardrobe. All it takes is a nice sweater to take both the skirt and the dress from a Summer outfit to Fall.

Ok, so back to that "I shop for clothes at Target, I'm not ashamed to admit it" thing. See that skinny belt that's paired with the dress and the purple cardi below? Yeah. That little thing will set you back almost 200 smackaroos. And if I happen to have 200 bucks just hangin' out, it sure as heck isn't going to be spent on a skinny belt! It's going toward the thousands I owe in student loans, or a car payment, or HECK I'd give it to charity before I'd buy a belt! So if I happen to see an outfit that I really like and something is insanely expensive, I will shamelessly buy it for cheaper elsewhere. So, where would you find a skinny belt that's not six bazillion dollars? Forever 21, that's where. I have a belt that's the twin sister of the mega-expensive belt that I got at F21 for oh, about 1.5% of the belt below. Yeah, I think I paid $2.80 for mine. Big spender!

Pre-Fall 2011: Floral Print Dress

Pre-Fall 2011: Floral Print Dress by caphillstyle featuring a long boyfriend cardigan

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are starting to dip at night. Fall is coming!

What are you lusting over to add to your wardrobe this season? Do you have any fashion tips you could share?


  1. These are all soo cute! I especially love the first one since I think I can make it work with the items in my closet :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my scarf giveaway!(open internationally)

  2. My favorite part about all of these is the boot. I am so excited to wear my boots! The weather cannot turn into Fall faster! I can't wait!

  3. Oh my! I love all of these outfits especially the dress at the bottom!!!! :) Oh and I have your scarf narrowed down to 3 so I am going out again today to make the final decision, eeekk I am so excited! :)


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