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H54F and a giveaway

Wrapping up another week with some photos for you!

Related to yesterday's post, I've been spending blocks of time searching for cheap airfare to Jamaica. This is about as cheap as I've found. I just have to keep telling myself that one day we'll go back and it will be fan-freaking-tastic, right? Uh, right. I'm going to go cry now.

On Monday, Trevor and I sat our butts on the couch and got sucked into The Bachelor. Even better? We spent the time texting back and forth with another couple who live an hour and a half away because they were watching, too. Long distance double date? Yes, please! and this is what we drank during the show - so good!

I was on call last Saturday and embraced it. I could have pouted because I wasn't getting paid to work yet I still had to be ready to run into work at the drop of a hat {read: I couldn't leave the house!} but instead I donned some comfy slippers and pretended my scrubs were pajamas. Here's to hoping I don't have another pay period like the last - I only worked 15 hours in two weeks because I was low censused and put on call for the rest of the hours. The way it works at my job is that you have to take PTO for the rest of the hours you were scheduled for but put on call. I pretty much drained my PTO that I was saving for a vacation. Not cool.

Trevor and I went through some boxes that were given to us around Christmas. They contained belongings from my Oma's house {she no longer lives at home} and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found. She gave us an entire set of this china. I am in love with the pattern - it's definitely my style. Even better is the fact that she brought it all over from Germany when she and my Opa moved to the US which means that our {new to us} china is super duper old.

School started this week, too. If all goes well, this was my last first week of school until my intense nursing year starts. I am hopeful! And who can say no to pretty planners and colorful pens?

I also want to add that I'm part of Paige's {from A Dose of Paige, formerly Eloping Stethoscope} 1000 follower giveaway. To make it easy for you to enter, I've included the Rafflecopter widget. Enter and enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Found you through the H54F link up! I love the background of your blog! And all the best with school :)

  2. I love the china, the pattern is beautiful!

  3. Found you through H54F! I love that China pattern! I'm a classroom teacher turned librarian--I considered nursing but can't handle blood so I decided it might not be the job for me, lol.

    1. What did you do in order to become a librarian?! I'd love to do that!!

      Miss V's Busy Bees

  4. I know exactly how you feel about that vacation... kills me EVERY time. So sorry about the on-call deal, but at least you made the best out of it!! The china you received is GORGEOUS. I love old things like that, and it being from family... even better! Good luck this semester on school, girl. I know you'll rock it :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    PS. MY FAVORITE PENS!!! I love flair pens! LOL

  5. That is so nice that you guys got the China! I hate the standby on call thing. At least for us at my clinic, if we don´t get called by 10am we are free to do whatever we want and we will not have to come in!


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