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Have You Met Meghan?

Have you met Meghan?
She's one of my favorite, favorite bloggers! In fact, she's so lovely that we teamed up {along with Meagan} for the Holiday Mixed 'Tape' Swap a couple months ago and I loved every second of it!

You may recognize her as being the blogger behind Shine On, however, she just completed a HUGE overhaul of her blog and is now known as
  The Book of Meghan

Here's what she wants you to know about her --

I'm a single, twenty-something, coffee-loving, social media-addict. I love and live in Seattle. I am a daughter, sister and friend. The EWU Eagles, Mariners and Seahawks usually have me pacing back & forth in my living room. Total sucker for a good book, and huge lover of animals.

Some more things I love...Twitter, Facebook, love, photography, chocolate, hope, Alpha Omicron Pi, the sun, the Space Needle, kittens, public relations, television, faith, sweats, Zumba, country music, spoilers, my family, ice cream, puppies, pizza & Pinterest.

Kind of makes you wish she were your best friend, right? She's got a little bit of something for everyone - she loves sports, has her own photography business, she is in the midst of losing weight {you go, girlfriend!} and becoming a healthier person, she loves The Bachelor as much as the next girl {Come on, you know you can't deny your love for Sean... or his abs!}, is a serious bookworm, and she can hold her own on Pinterest. Seriously, she's every bit as exciting and wonderful as she sounds - you need to stop over to The Book of Meghan and see for yourself.

If she and I lived in the same state, I know we'd see one Broadway show after another, eat some sushi, watch reality TV, and be blog buddies! You've got to check out her blog {really, you do} and you'll see why I can't say enough good about this girl!

While you're at it, follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, GoodReads, and Instagram!

check this out!


  1. Hi Meghan - How 'bout that Seahawk/Falcons game this past weekend? Nail biter! I am so sorry it ended the way it did.

  2. The title of this post immediately made me think, "Haaaave you met Ted?" Barney Stinson style.
    I love you both! :)


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