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High Five For Friday

It's been a few weeks since I've highlighted my week so I thought I'd jump back on the bandwagon.

Finished the Green Smoothie Challenge. I recapped the week for you in a post, but something I didn't reveal until now: I lost weight doing it. I was impressed that drinking 7 smoothies led to a couple pound weight loss. I'll definitely be smoothie-ing again soon!

 Watched this adorable baby. I babysat for my husband's cousin while she was gone for a few hours. Usually babysitting is great birth control. I come home from it vowing not to have kids for a couple years. But in this case, the baby was so wonderful and well behaved that, only for a minute, I wanted my own right away. Sorry, blog friends... not happening right now!

Trevor and I had a couple "date nights" this week. He is still looking for a job so he has had enough time lately to make super yummy dinners while I am at work. I came home to a candlelit dinner one night and just about melted - it was so sweet.

Yesterday, I went with a friend and her 3 year old son to our children's museum. We had a great time running all over and playing out little hearts out. It brought out the inner teacher in me - I wanted to have my own classroom again! The picture above was taken inside this giant treehouse climbing thing. Think McDonald's playland on steroids. Pretty sure it wasn't made for adult women to be attempting to climb around in, but my friend's son was scared and needed someone to help him. Oh, the things I do for children :)

I've really been missing Jamaica lately. I am so emotionally attached to that country, its not even funny. I've cried over the fact that we have no plans to go back and can't afford to be taking vacations when we will {potentially} be paying for a $50K year-long nursing program in just a few months.

How was your week?!

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  1. Yay for weight loss! :) Can't go wrong with that.

  2. Are you going in the nursing program or your husband? My husband did respiratory therapy school a few years ago and I can say it's worth the cost! It's so nice for him to have a great job. I hope whoever is going to the school learns a lot (or if you're already done) gets a job quickly. How fun to get to watch your cousin-in-law. He looks like an adorable baby.

    1. I'm the one in the process of getting into a one year, super accelerated BSN program. It's highly competitive and expensive, but it'll be worth it to be in the working world sooner!

      Thanks for stopping by You.And.Me.Are.We - it's great to have you :)

  3. Great job on the weight loss! What do you put in your smoothies?

    1. Hey Meg! I've written a few posts on my smoothies recently. You can easily find them by clicking on the link that I included in the post above, or you can use the handy search bar in the upper right hand corner. In a nutshell, I include spinach, almond milk, and lots of yummy fruits when I'm making my green smoothies - people are sometimes surprised to hear about the spinach but I swear, you can't taste it!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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